Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the virtue lies in the struggle

13. Goals.
Before I go to sleep each night, I think about my morning the next day, and I make a goal for a specific wake-up time, because I have vastly different mornings on a daily basis. Some days I have to get up at 6:30 and other days I get to sleep in til 10. More times than not, though, I don't reach my morning goals. I'm pretty much bipolar when it comes to my hopeful attitude at night and my rebel grumpy self while waking up.

I have goals for my education: I want to definitely get my bachelor's and hopefully my master's degree in music, so I can potentially make bank down the road when I stay at home and teach flute in a home studio. I'm looking forward to going out into the community, wherever I end up, and being an entrepreneur, and participating in workshops and symphonies and creating a great outlet for kids who love music as much as I did when I was nine.

With family, my goal is the temple. I will get sealed in the temple, and I am going to have a big ol' family that gets raised in the church. 

None of these goals are easy. As I've already explained, I miserably fail at the first. School is hard and staying temple worthy is a challenge. This post's title says it all: the virtue lies in the struggle. And going to class and practicing flute and baritone and reading my textbooks and studying and focusing is really satisfying! Putting God first in my life makes a world of difference, in how perfectly my priorities fall into place. The principle of these matters mean the most, in the end.

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