Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding

Alrighty then.. My dream wedding.

I want the actual getting hitched part to be small, and quiet. Just family. Intimate and not so showy. Mind you, I'll have everybody coordinating and I'll have the flowers and day plans under control, and I'll for sure get me a wedding photographer. But I don't want my wedding to be a production, because it's not a production, it's a sacred ceremony. I'm really looking forward to that moment when I'm officially sealed to my husband forever. 

The partying afterwards is another story, however. I'm going to need to have a reception here and an open house, too, back home in Pennsylvania. I want the reception to be in the evening, and I want it candlelit and romantic. The color scheme is going to be black, white, with muted shades of red and pink, kind of like this blog thing I have going on. I don't want it in a church gym, no way. It needs to be in some kind of classy banquet hall or old famous residence that can be rented out for events. I'll have it catered and the lacy tablecloths will be sprinkled with rose petals. I want no dead noise in any part of the reception: live music by the tables and dance floor, old italian love songs in the background by the lobby and bathrooms and food. I'll invite everyone we know and it'll be the party of the year! I used to plan some killer birthday parties in my time, so my reception will have to definitely blow them all away. 

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