Sunday, February 6, 2011

raindrops on roses

4. Your Pet Peeves...
When people don't say "bless you" after someone sneezes - pets peeing on the carpet - people trying to wake me up when I don't need to be awake - unnecessary dirty looks - adults swearing in front of children - chapped lips that won't cease to be chapped - judgmental questions - when people say "I don't care" all the time - old makeup encrusted under girls' eyes - when people have a complete disregard for other's feelings in a public setting - slow wifi on campus - my dysfunctional at&t phone - 8 am classes - walking up old main hill - asthma - when I lose my wallet every 5 minutes - forced conversations - bent headjoints - the smell of peoples breath after eating fritos - being blase about eating extremely artificial junk food - stained shirts - dirty bathrooms - icy sidewalks on a hill - honky tonk style country music - creeper mccreepersons - constant bad moods and "woe is me" attitudes.
... and Favorite Things.
Playing my flute - learning new instruments - being in ensembles - passionate professors - tan skin - nail polish - collecting art - holidays with the family - sleeping with lots of blankets - marching band performances - being a boss at basketball - lindt chocolate - curled hair - purple powerade - guacamole - homemade dinners - singing sacrament hymns extra loud - smiling - harry potter audio books - benjamin - sledding on pennsylvania hills - writing everything down everywhere I can possibly manage - sincere compliments - valley view 4th floor - miramatsu models - my heart ring from my grandmother - quotes - problem solving - money making - fat beats in my earbuds as I'm walking around campus - pure orange juice - messiah sing-alongs - marsha bobnak - mastering passages - my room clean - babies - ridiculously poor sentence structures that always comes out of my mouth - hope.

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