Monday, February 21, 2011

day "ate"- teen too late

Agh, sorry internet. I failed doing the 30 day challenge consistently for 30 days, because I didn't write anything yesterday. I'll still fill in day 18...

> favorite place to eat.

I don't have any one favorite.
This was my favorite place to make a quick run to for a hoagie and snacks back home:

But when it comes to food at home, dad's take-home from this place was the greatest:
it was a little corner shop downtown Philadelphia, in little Italy. I loved it.

Out here in Logan, my favorite place happens to be:
Nope, it's not Rancherito's. It's Beto's. Nobody calls it by its real name anymore. I got into the hype of mexican food out here, I guess because there's enough mexican people living in the west to sustain a chain restaurant like this one.

My favorite foods from these three places have gotta be chocolate ice cream, italian hoagies, pesto agnolotti, bruschetta, guacamole, and the carnitas burrito.

There you have it.

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