Thursday, February 3, 2011

day one!

1. Introduce yourself with pictures and words.

My name is Elena K Christiansen.
My friends call me Elena, strangers call me Elehhnuh.
Grandmom calls me Laney loolie belle.
I'm second oldest in my family and I'm 19 years old.

I was born and raised LDS with a Catholic father and a convert mother. I was baptized at 8, did 8 years of girls camp, went to efy 3 times, and got my Young Womanhood Recognition award at age 17.

I am a musician. 11 years ago, I picked up the flute, and haven't set it down ever since. To add to my fluting, I sing, play piano, tenor saxophone, euphonium, and tuba. I'm not much of a fan of what I call "idolatrous tunes", or the pop culture's obsession over music: having thousands of songs on your iPod and knowing every artist and album name. Actually, I can hardly even remember the names of the pieces I've played on my flute. I know that's bad. But I think music is more for appreciation and emotion.

(my first flute performance ever)
I have 5 grandparents, 14 aunts & uncles, and 40-some cousins. Every thanksgiving of my life I've spent with my extended family, save this past one, when I was in Wyoming instead. It was sad to break the tradition, but wonderful creating the new.

I'm definitely a talker, a romantic, a leader, and an independent. I like people, I like making friends, and I think I'm good at it, too.
I like sleeping. A lot. My insane schedule makes that a certainty. I keep busy with ensembles and an overload of academics, pretty much like the average college music major. Naturally, my favorite place in the world is my bed.

I believe I led a full life. Growing up, I danced jazz, ballet, modern, & irish, played t-ball, softball, field hockey, floor hockey, volleyball, cheerleading (which I know is not a sport), soccer, track, basketball, and swimming. I went to sleep-away camps and I started spending weeks apart from my family at age 14. I laugh every day, and cry every week. Most evenings my face hurts a whole lot, from smiling all day long... (Maybe, too, from playing all those instruments.) I want to succeed in life, and I believe I am on my way.

I'm a happy girl.

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