Sunday, February 13, 2011

eleven in heaven

11. Your siblings.
this is Olivia...
...she's the youngest in our bunch. She's rowdy, spontaneous, and very theatrical. Olivia's in the sixth grade right now, and I'm pretty sure she's loving every second of it.

Camille's next on the list, being second youngest and all. Camille's 14 and just got her tonsils out. She is the only one of us that still has naturally light blonde hair, even though she still dyes it blonder. She's incredibly beautiful.

And then there's Kaleb.
Kaleb's a senior in high school, and he's the middle child. When we were little kids, Kaleb and I got really excited about the fact that we were the same age between our birthdays (his is late july and mine's beginning of october), but later on it turned out we're a little less than two years apart, and not one.

Finally, say hello to Mariel. My older sis. The oldest.
Mariel's married and has two kids. She's only 22 and she has a mortgage - and I'm pretty sure she just got her family a dog now, too. Mare and I have been there for each other through everything. 

I love my siblings.

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