Monday, July 4, 2011

oh the joys of 5 days in bed.

Happy Independence Day! Today's gonna be a great one - it HAS to be. Not only is it the first day back into the real world for me, but I get to see my pops and siblings and nieces, and celebrate little Phoebe's 3rd birthday. So this dumb mystery infection/virus better leave me alone quick! 

I've been in bed since last Wednesday, not sure what's wrong with me. Every four hours or so my fever either leaves or comes back with a vengeance. My temperature's been from the low 96's to a high 102.3 and everywhere in between. Saturday night I went into the ER with the worst pain all over, and after 3 hours all the doctors could come up with for me to take is this broad-range antibiotic called Bactrim. And I'm supposed to take it with food and lots of fluids, but oh great! It also causes nausea. Guess who hasn't been keeping anything down since she got outta the hospital? This girl.

But today is a great day. I don't care how I'm feelin today, I'm going to work and I get to see my awesome coworkers and I get picked up by dad at the end of the day, to drive south and be with FAMILY for three whole days. That's Such a luxury for someone who hasn't seen any relatives in 7 months, minus Mariel's family a couple short times. Ben's been the closest thing to family for me while I've been out here and I'm so grateful for that. His family came and picked him up yesterday for a family reunion of their own up in Idaho somewhere, and silly mister sickness so rudely interrupted their visit. Talk about a great impression I made: clammy and shaky and fever on the rise. I didn't even get to say goodbye, properly. I just stumbled out of the car after a half hug and a few broken sentences.


While I'm down in Spanish Fork, we'll move Kaleb into his new apartment and start him off with a fresh batch of college groceries. And then on Wednesday Mariel graduates from Orem Police Academy!! She's perfect for that career path, I know she'll be a great cop. :) Oh, and to top it all off, Thursday morning I drive dad to the airport, and then I GET THE VAN! I get an ACTUAL. VEHICLE. I can't wait!!! I won't be keeping it forever, though. Once school starts up I'm supposed to sell it. But that's okay, I'll take what I can get.

All right, it's 3 in the morning. I think the nausea's dying away, so I think I'll get some more sleep. Goodnight! And have a GREAT fourth of July. I know I will.
Just kidding. Mister sick, you are not my friend ;)


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