Friday, February 11, 2011

black nails & hospital trips

Day 9 is a free day. Sweet! I kind of love being able to ramble sometimes :) ...Yesterday I was supposed to write about what I believe in. I believe in a lot of specifics, religion-wise; I believe in mostly conservative political ideals; and I believe more generally in the good of the world. But that was very condensed, because that's not what today is about. 

I guess I want to talk about my day, and night last night. I didn't realize that last night our RA planned a girl's night for our floor. So along with the boxes of bleach and used gloves and directions showering the bar, Ashley put out face mask stuff and goodies and nail polish. Sherece and I provided the tunes, and the party pretty much came to us. We took turns finger-painting avocado gook on each other's faces, and played around with the silly hair cap that came with the highlighting kit. Earlier that day, I painted my nails black, and then at the party, all the girls were doing the same, and helped cut aluminum foil strips and compared everyone's shades of hair. It was an evening I'll never forget, regardless of its simplicity. The mood was very calm and loving and happy. And it followed a day of unhealthy ladies.

A lot of my friends have gotten really sick lately - my roommate's been throwing up, my favorite Polynesian girl has a terrible flu, and Sherece, the wonder woman, who did my hair so professionally, ended up in the hospital last night, with appendicitis. I didn't even find out where she went until this morning when I bumped into her roommate outside. I was sick with worry. So this afternoon, we got her some crayons, a coloring book, and some balloons that said "I'm Sorry" & "Happy Retirement!", hoping to cheer up her day. Even as our group was leaving the hospital premises, we saw a dozen more buddies walking in with more presents in tow. Driving away, I got some major goosebumps. I realized how grateful I am for these relationships I have, with these 40-some girls I live with. I would do anything for all of them, and I know they would help me in a time of need, too. Sherece spent half the day with me yesterday! With appendicitis! She's amazing, and I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

In your face, day 9! I got you covered. 
(does that even make sense? I think the bleach in my roots has fried some brain cells.)

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