Monday, February 7, 2011

day six confusion & resolution

I've been checking my friends' blogs for what the challenge is each day, and using whatever they went with. But I also saved this suggested list of 30 daily challenges, and I checked it just now, and it does not agree with what my friends have done. I'm so conflicted! (Not really, haha.) So, the sixth day indicates being either the meaning behind your blog name or your definition of love. I think because the two lists differ from this point forward, I'll choose the more exciting option. However, in this instance I wanna do both, and so I shall.

"my beautiful world"    

...It's not that difficult to decifer.
As is my nature, and choice, I see the world through rose-colored glasses. That's kind of a pun, as you can check out my blog's color scheme. But anyway... My personal version of the world is always beautiful, with its beauty forever multiplying. I've done a good deal of posts in the past that have been really negative, using this blog moreso as a diary, and you were right that I was wrong to do that, I do regret that. But now I remember my purpose for this blog originally, and that was to focus on the positive, to work through life's road blocks and share the beauty that comes out of it.

I really do like sharing my life, but I learned my lesson [with disclosing enough dirty details to satisfy a storm of drama throughout December] that putting it all out there is not worth it. I submit, you were right, and I'm seriously sorry for my pride.

Your definition of love.

Love is encouragement. Love is gentle, kind, patient. 
Love is looking into someone's eyes 
and seeing them for who they really are. 
Love is screaming the Happy Birthday song off key at the top of your lungs with fifty other band geeks.
Love is forgiving. Love is laughter. 
Love is staying up all night, crying out the pain on someones shoulders. 
Love is mixing the stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Love is giving your everything. 
Love is reckless
Love is $5 because that's all you could afford. 
Love is taking trips to temple square. 
Love is a secret handshake. 
Love is silent. Love is timeless. Love is bliss.

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