Thursday, January 27, 2011

that 30 day challenge...

A couple of my girlfriends have started doing this blogging thing where we have to post something every day for 30 days, and there are different guidelines for each day. It's been super fun to watch them go through that, and it's really interesting, and I'm tempted to do it myself. The thing is, there's so much personal stuff I like writing about, and tangents I go on. I'm afraid I'll fail miserably at keeping up with that challenge, even though I've pretty much posted every day for the last like, 20 days. Also, we would need to have internet access every day, and I keep thinking about how this weekend I'm going to Evanston again with Ben, for 3 days, and won't have a way to get online every day. Either that or I wouldn't want to spend my time online at his place, I adore his sisters and parents and puppy and I'm really looking forward to our reunion. So, I think I'm going to start that challenge sometime next week. I'm not completely set on it. But I reserve the right to skip a day if needs be... But I'll try my best not to!

On another note, if you're reading this and thinking, what the heck Elena's back together with Ben?! Then, I'll let you know right now that he and I are not officially dating. We reconciled a week ago and we are working through some things at the moment. We have our reasons to go back to his home this weekend, too. But I don't need to disclose the whole story. It's actually an amazing story. But if you really wanna know, ask me in person, or give me a phone call. I'll be delighted to tell you that way. Honestly, 'The Notebook' ain't got nothin' on me.

Oh. And I'm gonna write a book. I've already started. Cool, huh?

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