Tuesday, January 4, 2011

kicks & giggles

I can't wait to watch Anchorman with Rob & Nick! I have been looking forward to this movie for MONTHS and finally I found someone who owns a copy of the dvd. Saturday night couldn't come any faster :) ... Except, maybe it could, because I still have a lot to do: 

  • purchase my secret santa gift,
  • drive around philly to say some last minute goodbyes, 
  • pack up, 
  • scan and organize all the pictures our family has taken over the last 25 years,
  • piece together a fhe calendar for the next four months,
  • schedule a meeting with my roommate and RA,
  • quite possibly move dorm rooms,
  • and settle back down into student life at Utah State.

Not sleeping when the sun goes down isn't helping my productivity level, I'll tell you that much.

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