Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'd like to introduce myself to you

One letter, one syllable, one word at a time
I would like to take things slow with you
Play get to know with you
Like I've never been allowed to do before

I want to capture those butterflies
And release them into skies of us
Me and You
My Mr. Right that paid my attention in full
That can simmer in the quiet between our glances

He would never waste our second chances
Because we are what time well spent is

I would like to introduce myself to you
Spell me out with big doe eyes 
That only you can read into
That only you would take the years to understand

And looking back
You see me for who I am

Unadorned by outside exteriors
You cloak me in the reassurance that you are here 
Here in each moment that I need you

Romance is not a sometimes occurrence
Not shown with roses or kisses
No, Romance is a friendship
A relationship with time

Romance is in the locked eyes we gaze into
I can't wait to meet you
I would like to introduce myself to you

-Amanda Ramsey

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