Wednesday, January 19, 2011

intimacy, strengths, and diversity

I'm lying on the floor with my headphones on in my friend's apartment, reading up on marriages and family relationships, for this breadth course I'm enrolled in this semester. I think it's very appropriate reading material for my current situation. Right now I'm learning about the three themes of marriage, which is the title of this post. I totally agree that close proximity is crucial to forming a healthy bond between you and your [future] spouse. I also never took such an optimistic viewpoint on the sanction of marriage before: this textbook is way attitude boosting and encouraging. It's refreshing to see the hope again, even if it's not quite coming from me yet.

I'm also taking "Climate Change" as my second breadth. The professor is so passionate about science, I love it! Science was my least favorite subject growing up, I never did well in it, but I find myself calling out answers and getting wrapped up in the controversies discussed in the lectures. School is so incredibly satisfying for me, moreso than ever before.. Because I get to spend every day playing my flute (and now baritone, too, because I started taking lessons!), and sing and participate and dwell with other music lovers at the beloved FAC. And on top of that, I have classes outside of music that I thrive off of. Which has never happened before: I have such a strong desire to be as studious as possible.

I have a lot of things going for me. New everything. :)

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