Friday, April 29, 2011

stress in f clef

Today's kind of a big day. And oh look! It's snowing outside - grr. Isn't may in two days? Anyway, today I have my very last class (potentially) of keyboard harmony. I'm also volunteering to help out with this high school band thing going on at the fac. Then, after wind orchestra, I have juries. Following juries is our last concert of the semester. So like I said, big day.

My juries aren't stressing me out - last night I practiced for a solid hour and a half and everything I went through seemed to go well. What I'm the most worried about it my Keyboard final Monday morning. If I don't get at least a 140, I fail the class. Bass clef just plain sucks! I took piano for 5 years in my childhood, but once I got to college, it was as if I've never looked below middle C. Also, I play some euphonium music in that clef, but Dr. Wheeler catches my contempt for f clef and gives me any music he can find in g clef instead. 

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